President of Greek pharmaceutical company warns parliament of Jewish conspiracy

Back in 2013, Abravanel reported:

In the beginning of 2012, amidst the worst economic crisis since WW2, a new law is passed which introduces a limited use of generic drugs in greek Public Health system. The greek pharmaceutical industry feels threatened as seen in the statements by the Greek Association of Pharmaceutical Industries. A prominent member of the association is VIANEX owned by brothers Thanasis and Pavlos Yannakopoulos […].

A couple of weeks later suddenly a new round of rumors begins, this time originating by the site; they are part of a series of posts which vehemently accuse this new law – the actual titles are quite scary I might add. The villain in this case is israeli pharmaceutical industry TEVA and it’s tool Ilias Mosialos if not because he’s a paid stooge, certainly because of religious solidarity allegedly being Jewish himself. Indicative is the post «Coincidental? What do you think?» in which the author wonders whether it is a coincidence that rumors on Mosialos being Jewish appear and that israeli TEVA won over greek VIANEX on a series of auctions for the supply of hospital drugs.


Three years later, almost the same story: Dimitris Giannakopoulos, son of Pavlos Giannakopoulos and president of Vianex, said during Wednesday’s debate in Greek parliament that a pending bill to open up the country’s drug market to cheap generic drugs was the result of a conspiracy between Germany and Jewish groups. He also called for a parliamentary investigation into the role of former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, Greek-Israeli businessman Sabi Mionis, and David Harris, the director of the American Jewish Committee, in creating the bill. [information via]

Only the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece and the Israeli Embassy to Athens protested [here & here] the conspiracy theories expressed by the president of Vianex.

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