French activist praises Tel Aviv shooting



While Israel mourns the 4 innocents murdered in Tel Aviv, Aya Ramadan, member of the Parti des Indigènes de la République, praised yesterday on Twitter the murdering terrorists calling their act a “resistance operation”. Ramadan deleted her statement after protests. The Parti des Indigènes de la République opposes “race-mixing” and attacks the “philo-Semitism” of the French State. Its spokesperson, Houria Bouteldja has posed for a photo with the slogan, “Zionists to the Gulag”.

Read more in French: Une militante du Parti des Indigènes de la République félicite les auteurs de l’attentat À Tel-Aviv (

Vice-President of the EU Parliament and Syriza MEP meets with Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled


Papadimoulis with Khaled on February 10, 2016 (Photo via Khaled poses in scarf with the PFLP logo: Inside a red circle, a black arrow points from a white semi-circle to a map of Israel and the territories. Below the arrow, on the right side, is a green dot. The arrow symbolizes the return of Palestinian refugees. Red symbolizes the group’s Marxist-Leninist heritage. Description via

Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled met with Dimitris Papadimoulis, Syriza MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament, in its headquarters in Brussels on February 10, 2016. Leila Khaled was accompanied by a PFLP delegation. Syriza, a left-wing party that despite its past support for the Palestinians has sought to strengthen ties with the Jewish state, has called Khaled in a statement issued after the meeting an “activist with a historical role in the Palestinian Resistance.”

Khaled is member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a Palestinian Marxist-Leninist and nationalist organization founded in 1967. PFLP is considered as a terrorist organization by the Council of the European Union, since its members have carried out numerous hijackings, assassinations, bombings and paramilitary operations against civilian and military targets in Israel. Khaled herself has been involved twice in airline hijackings and is an active supporter of the BDS movement.

One can therefore raise the question over the legitimacy of the visit of the PFLP delegation at the EU Parliament. How can it be that the delegation of a terror group obtained the right to enter the EU Parliament and meet with its Vice-President? Does Syriza seek to compensate the ongoing cooperation between Greece and Israel with an implicit tolerance of Palestinian radicalism?

After her visit to the EU Parliament in February, Leila Khaled has launched a tour of Germany, Sweden and Austria, meeting with Palestinian communities and supporters of the Palestinian cause. In Wuppertal, Germany, she spoke in a Greek restaurant together with a speaker who has justified terror attacks against Jews in Israel. During an event in Vienna, Austria, she accused Israel of being responsible for “a Holocaust” against the Palestinians and justified the ongoing knife attacks on Israeli citizens.

Greece: Members of far-right and antisemitic “Team Epsilon” group arrested in Kalamata

The statue of Constantine Palaiologos after the bomb attack, last Friday. The vandals sprayed the

The statue of Constantine Palaiologos after the bomb attack, last Friday (source: The vandals sprayed the “Team Epsilon” logo behind the statue. The symbol is known as the Delphic Epsilon.

Media outlets ( & reported today that Greek police officers arrested five members of the “Team Epsilon” (Greek: Ομάδα Έψιλον) far-right group for two low-power bomb attacks against the Bank of Greece in Kalamata and the statue of Byzantine Emperor Constantine Palaiologos in Mystras, both in the region of Peloponnese. The authorities also uncovered the group’s hideout, which was full of explosives, in Kalamata. According to the police, the “Team Epsilon” was preparing for a large-scale quadruple attack against central buildings in Kalamata. reported that the members of “Team Epsilon” have published on their website violent diatribes against the Greek political system, “the Jews” and “the Zion-Nazis” (they suggest in their texts that even Nazism is a creation of Zionism), but also against the Orthodox Church and “the Free Masons”, while they glorify the “purity” and the “independence” of the Greek nation.