Greek MEP Sofia Sakorafa believes that Israel imposes apartheid in Gaza (Video)

Sofia Sakorafa with Yasser Arafat, 2004. Source:

Sakorafa became a Palestinian citizen in 2004 and applied at the last minute for a berth on the Palestinian Olympic team at the age of 47. Photo via

Sofia Sakorafa, Greek Eurodeputy representing the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA), has criticized the recent European Parliament resolution on Israel-Palestine after the Gaza war and the role of the EU and said that this motion represents a “distortion of reality” on the grounds that Israel is the “conqueror” and Palestinians “the resisting”, that “there’s military cleansing by an occupation army” and that “there’s an apartheid imposed” in Gaza. Sofia Sakorafa made also a comparison between the crimes of the Nazis and “the atrocities of Israel” and argued that “the redemption of the Germans came when they looked right in the eye this black page of their history”, whereas there is need not to “allow history to cite the atrocities of Israel, with words and terms that incubate their repetition.”

Syriza fully identifies itself with the Palestinian cause, and their party platform explicitly calls for an end to Greece’s defense cooperation with the “aggressive” Israel, even though on Friday his foreign affairs advisor tried to take a softer stance. Tsipras’ party colleagues and his own inner circle have repeatedly attacked Israel and the “Zionists”, claiming that they are not anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist. […] Sofia Sakorafa, a confidante who has rubbed shoulders with Hamas, and a celebrated former Olympic athlete, requested and received Palestinian citizenship a few years ago, in a bid to represent Palestine in the Olympic Games, when she was well into her 40s. (Sabby Mionis: Greece’s Jewish voters are faced with an impossible choice, daily “Haaretz”, Jun. 10, 2012)

Open political event of dawn of the greeks in the social center Jugendclub-Bureau, Sulzbach-Rosenberg //Greece! the rise of a fascist society

270950-thermaikos_11The first open political event of dawn of the greeks will take place next Friday (September 20) in the social center Jugendclub-Bureau in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. You can read a brief description of the event below:

pogroms, assassinations, police repression, fascist speech, society of control, detention camps, greek borders

In the last Greek elections, in May as well as in June 2012, the neonazi party Golden Dawn took 7% with half a million votes. Worse than that, in the recent pulse surveys of the past months approximately the 15%-17% of greeks support the neonazi party and they sympathize with the neonazi party activities. At the same time attacking immigrants in Athens and various other greek cities has become mainstream in the last years.

However racism and antisemitism, nationalism, homophobia and fascism have been permanent features of the greek society for years .

Greek society knows how to treat and show hospitality to strangers. From the busy districts of Athens to the fields of the greek countryside, migrant workers, refugees, Roma people and others often were shot, raped, murdered, detained all the past decades with the support and silence of the greek majority.

With Panos Adr (dawn of the greeks / against oblivion) and Bernd Volkert

Der größte Teil der Veranstaltung wird in Englisch abgehalten werden, da der Hauptreferent aus Griechenland ist. Des Weiteren wird ein ca. 10-minütiges Video gezeigt werden und Bernd Volkert wird einen kurzen Einblick in anarchistische Untergrundorganisationen.


Nazis in Europe today – the longing for national “purity”

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Monday, August 27, 2012

From Shiraz Socialist: on hatred and bigotry on several fronts in Europe. It’s not just incitement against the Roma in Hungary, but also: the Nazi Golden Dawn party in Greece, which has won seats in the Greek parliament; a prominent member of a party with representation in the Swedish parliament, who has called for deporting all Muslims; and of course, also in Hungary anti-semitism from Nazi thugs and the Jobbik party.

I’ve started to wonder why we speak of “neo-Nazis.” As far as I can tell, parties like Golden Dawn differ very little from the German Nazi party, so I see no reason to see them as “neo.” They are actually “retro,” trying (like the German Nazis) to go back to some imagined past of national “purity,” when there were no foreigners to pollute the body politic – Roma (who have lived in Europe since the Middle Ages), Jews (who have been in Europe for two thousand years and whose settlements originated long before the nation-states in which they now live), Muslims (who have also been part of Europe for over a thousand years – think of Spain and the Balkans).

From Harry’s Place – review of an antisemitic play (“The Sixth Coffin”) to be performed in Budapest. The play appears to be a new variation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Jewish body calls on EU Parliament to send observer at trial of Greek human activists who denounced Greek anti-Semite (via ejp)

NEW YORK/ATHENS (EJP, 19/09/2010)—The World Jewish Congress (WJC) has called on the president of the European Parliament to send an independent observer to watch the trial of three Greek human rights activists who spoke out against Greece’s notorious anti-Semite and extreme-right lawyer and writer Konstantinos Plevris.

Konstantinos Plevris, who has described Jews as “subhuman and questioned the Holocaust in his book “Jews: the whole truth,” was found guilty of inciting racial hatred in 2007 and sentenced to 14 months in jail, but was later acquitted in an appeal.

He is now taking legal action against a series of his critics, including the three human rights activists, representatives of the Greek Jewish community and several journalists as for libel. The public prosecutor’s office in Athens started legal action for allegedly “propagating false news which could cause unrest to citizens regarding the impartiality of the Greek judicial system”.

The trial will commence on 22 September.

The Word Jewish Congress criticized the Greek judiciary for acquitting Plevris last year and for now trying to silence those who publicly spoke out against him.

In a letter to European Parliament president, WJC Vice President and Deputy Secretary-General Maram Stern called the trial “a perversion of justice” and “an assault on fundamental European values.”

He voiced suspicion that parts of the Greek judiciary were not inclined to defend fundamental European values, but consciously acted against them.

“We must not allow that people who speak out against bigots such as Mr. Plevris are being prosecuted whilst the hate mongers themselves are being acquitted by the courts,” he said.

“We urge the European Parliament to dispatch an independent observer to this trial in order to ascertain whether the Greek courts act in agreement with the basic principles of the EU,” Stern wrote in his letter.

“These three courageous people stood up against a notorious hate monger who has repeatedly called for the annihilation of Jews and praised the Nazis. They defended the small Jewish community in Greece, and they deserve our support.”

The WJC also wrote letters to Greek President Karolos Papoulias, Prime Minister Georges Papandreou and Greek Orthodox Primate Archbishop Ieronymos II, urging them to speak out against the trial and Plevris’ incitement.

Καμπάνια της Αντιναζιστικής Πρωτοβουλίας / Denouncement from Antinazi Initiative and Call for Action

Antinazi Initiative sends the following informative note – letter to the European institutional bodies, to antifascist organizations, to Greek and European democrats, and condemns the recent decision of the Greek Supreme Court that acquitted Nazism and asks for support to its 3 prosecuted members who go on trial on September 22, 2010. We propose that you sign a text of denouncement and declaration of solidarity which you can send to the Greek prime minister and the President of the European Parliament, and which you will find at the end of this message with the instructions for sending it.

Διαβάστε την ελληνική εκδοχή του κειμένου εδώ και εδώ.

Σχετική ανάρτηση: Η Αντιναζιστική Πρωτοβουλία για την οριστική αθώωση ενός φιλοναζιστή.


35 CHALKOKONDYLI STR., ATHENS, GREECE , tel-fax +30 2105232553, e-mail: info [at]

Athens, 13 July 2010

Greece: the first officially anti-Semitic state in Europe.

We must not permit that! Solidarity to Greek democrats!

We address you regarding the above mentioned subject because we believe that the blatant violation of the Greek state’s obligations for the fight against anti-Semitism within European Union and at international level, has very serious consequences for the whole of Europe, as we will explain below. Greece is the first country in Europe after the Second World War where the Supreme Court legalised the open crude call for realisation of genocide against the Jewish citizens of this particular country but also the Jewish all over Europe.

We address you on behalf of Antinazi Initiative, an organisation of citizens that has office in Athens, was founded in June 1997 and is activated in the fight against neonazism, racism, xenophobia and antisemitism in the Greek society. You can find more information about us and our activities in our web page “”.

With this letter we want to denounce the fact that the Greek state whitewashed nazism morally, politically and legally through the trial of Kostas Plevris, widely known as the leading voice of neonazism in our country. As if this was not enough, the Greek state proceeded to the prosecution of the three members of Antinazi Initiative that were witnesses for the prosecution in above trial.

Kostas Plevris was a founding cadre of Greek party Popular Orthodox Alarm (LA.O.S) which has 15 Deputies in the Greek Parliament. This party holds also a seat in the European Parliament.

K. Plevris had participated in the European elections of 1999 in cooperation with the also openly neonazi and criminally violent organisation “Golden Dawn”.

The outline of this trial has as follows:

In May 2006 K. Plevris wrote a book of 1400 pages titled “Jews, the whole Truth”, which has sold until now thousands of copies and could be found at the bigger bookshops of Athens. In this book K. Plevris calls blatantly for a new extermination of the Jews, threatens the democratic citizens with “the gallows”, praises the atrocities of the Third Reich, and tries to “prove” for which reasons Greece and the whole Europe should be released from the “sub-humans” and “treacherous” Jews!!!

Through the pages of the book the writer prompts to racist violence and hatred against the Jews reviving the cannibalistic Hitler type anti-Semitism.

We cite here just few of these extracts:

“That’s what the Jews deserve. For it’s the only way they understand: firing squad within 24 hours…”

“My book, which you are now reading is a simple proof that we don’t count on the Jews. We despise them for their morality, for their religion, for their deeds, which all prove that they are sub-humans”.

“I mostly challenge you, my readers, to discuss about Talmud and the Jewish religion. It is you that I challenge the most, for you are the victims. Wake up, the treacherous Jews are digging a pit for the Nations. Wake up and throw them in, for they deserve it…”

“Jew (in religion) and human are contradicting terms, that is the one excludes the other”

“Hitler had been accused for something that indeed never happened. History of mankind will accuse him for having done nothing to relieve Europe from Jews, though he could…

“I declare frankly, elsewhere too, that if the Germans had put Jewish Zionists to death, I – and I do not believe I am alone in this – would not be sorry. Jewish Zionists are criminals preparing our death. The annihilation of the White Race which they have hated so much, with envy compressed in their subconscious, for centuries. Our Race’s instinct for survival points to the way of war to the death against Jewish Zionism”.

“I stop at the historical truth that teaches the moral superiority of National Socialism”.

“National-Socialism is an ideology for “masters”, not for slaves. It is the faith of superior people…I cannot bear to see the murderers, bandits, rapists, oppressors, pests, corruptors, sappers of the ruffian Jewry, slandering the superior National-Socialists…”

“In 1945 the White Race suffered the greatest catastrophe in its history. Hitlerian Germany’s epic struggle for dominance by Aryans ended without a Victory”.

“… Surely the truth is restored little by little, the propaganda retreats and the day will come when the banners of Nazism wave”.

The Antinazi Initiative, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece and the Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) submitted complaints against K. Plevris in accordance with the antiracist law of our country.

The result of the trials that followed and which lasted almost two and a half years, was the acquittal of K. Plevris.

In these trials most of the judges and public prosecutors turned the prosecution’s witnesses into defendants. These same judges and public prosecutors acknowledged the book of Plevris to be a “scientific work” and the result of “historical” research!!!

Furthermore, they themselves have taken a series of pronounced anti-Semitic positions and actually some of them in enthusiastic support of K. Plevris.

For example, a public prosecutor who was the first to characterize the nazi writer as a “scientist” and his book of holocaust denial as a “scientific writing”, addressed to us who sign this letter and were witnesses for the prosecution with the following question in the court room to support his argument that also the Nazis had the right to express their “views”: «Would you like to be judged and convicted by a nazi court;» When we testified for the extract of the book where the writer asked to re-open Auschwitch, the chairman of the bench became sarcastic saying: “So what, they can build a new one, can’t they? How difficult is it?”.

In the book a photograph of Jewish children kept hostage in Auschwitch is published. The defamatory subtitle under the photograph reads: “We see them fat enough”. Another public prosecutor involved in the trial “acquitted” the defendant for this raw offence of the victims of Holocaust on the grounds of the following reasoning: “Here the writer simply comments their good physical situation”! The same one accepted as valid the reference made in the book to “the Protocols of the Elders of Zion” (widely known as forgery), as book of the Jews!!!

A judge of the Appeals Court characterized the criminal ideology of National Socialism as “historical political system” and adopted a series of more pronounced anti-Semitic positions in favour of K. Plevris.

The political atmosphere during the trial and the day after

During the whole trial, two well – known cadres and MPs of the far-right party LAOS (Popular Orthodox Alarm) enthusiastically supported Kostas Plevris. These are Adonis Georgiadis who advertised the book repeatedly from the Greek television saying that it is his “favourite” and Thanassis Plevris, son of K Plevris, who was his defence advocate. The MP Thanassis Plevris asked from the court the acquittal of the defendant saying that it is the democratic right of each citizen to call for the extermination of any population and the re-opening of Auschwitch (!) At the final phase of the trial, an article published at LAOS weekly newspaper by its President George Karatzaferis, closed with the statement that the “Jew smells blood” (!).

At the same time all of the other parliamentary parties not only hushed up the trial protecting K. Plevris and LAOS, but used the influence they have on the television media in order to impose the absolute silence around this trial. Thus, the horrid scandal of the anti-Semitic positions of the judges was concealed from the Greek people, and so it was also concealed that members of the Greek Parliament have expressed positions in favour of nazism.

The consequence of such an attitude of the political world was the final acquittal of Kostas Plevris, from the Athens Court of Appeals (March 2009) as well as from the Supreme Court of our country, the “Areios Pagos” (May 2010) with decisions that include plenty of anti-Semitic arguments. The major scandal for our country and for the whole Europe is the reasoning of both judgments: of the Appeals Court and of the Supreme Court. Both these judgments justify the racist violence against the Jews as well as the nazi genocide as follows: “the defendant does not turn against the Jews, solely on the grounds of their racial and national origin but mainly on the grounds of their objectives for world domination, the methods that they use for the realisation of these and their conspiratorial action” (!!!)

The above cited phrase of the reasoning of the judgement means that the Greek justice with the full support of the Greek political system as a whole did not just acquit a nazi writer but legally, politically and morally acquitted Nazism per se, and defended the core of Nazism, that is, genocidal anti-Semitism.

The next step after this provocative acquittal was the criminal charges brought against us. Specifically, the public prosecutor’s office of Athens submitted to trial three members of Antinazi Initiative, that is, us who were witnesses for the prosecution in the K. Plevris trial. We were accused “for propagation of false news which could cause unrest to citizens regarding the impartiality of the Greek judicial system”. This prosecution was made because Antinazi Initiative repeatedly and publicly denounced the anti-Semitic and pro-nazi positions of the judges. The public prosecutor’s office of Athens called the nazi K. Plevris as witness for the prosecution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our trial has been fixed for 22 September 2010.

So it is that sixty five years after the end of the WWII, a European state, Greece, justifies through the judicial authorities the genocide of Jews, acquits the most horrid manifestation of nazism, and leads to the defendant’s stand, the democratically minded citizens who resist to this provocation for all European citizens.

During these two and a half years of K. Plevris’ trial, the Antinazi Initiative gave a persistent struggle in order to shed light on this issue as a major political issue for political democracy in our country and in all Europe . In particular, in each stage of the trial we issued repeatedly press releases, we informed for the process of the trial, we reported about the court hearings and we denounced to the supreme judicial disciplinary bodies certain judges who took anti-Semitic positions. Following the acquittal decision of the Athens Court of Appeal, we launched a pan-european campaign in order to overturn the decision, with which we called Greek and European democratically minded people to protest to the Greek Government. This campaign had a very broad and enthusiastic response. Nevertheless, the Greek Supreme Court recently, on May 2010 validated the acquittal decision of the Athens Court of Appeal. This struggle should now continue.

Therefore, we ask you to denounce the above decision of the Greek Supreme Court, to demand the acquittal of the members of the Antinazi Initiative on the trial of September 22, 2010 and to make this letter as widely known as possible.

We are at your disposal for any further clarification, data, discussion, supporting documents etc.

If you want to condemn the decision of the Supreme Court of Greece and to express your support to the three prosecuted members of Antinazi Initiative you can send the proposed text of denouncement and declaration of solidarity that follows, to the Greek Prime Minister Mr. George A. Papandreou and to the President of the European Parliament Mr. Jerzy Buzek* and also to notify it to us to the address info[at]

This text is only a draft we suggest which you can alter or draw up your own text.

Thank you for your attention.

Respectfully yours,

On behalf of the Antinazi Initiative

Anna Stai

(e-mail: staianna[at]

Irene Koutelou

(e-mail: renalawgr[at]

* Note: You can send the draft text or your text to the following addresses:

1. For the Greek Prime Minister

E-mail address: gpapandreou [at]

Postal Address:

To the Prime Minister of Greece

Mr. G. A. Papandreou

Maximou Mansion

19 Irodou Attikou St.

106-74 Athens , Greece

Fax Number: (+30) 2103811852

2. For the President of the European Parliament

e-mail address: jerzy.buzek [at]

Postal Address:

To the President of the European Parliament

Mr. Jerzy Buzek

Bât. Altiero Spinelli


60, rue Wiertz

B-1047 Bruxelles

Fax No: (0032) 228 496 31

The draft text has as follows:


We who sign this text were informed that in May 2010 the Supreme Court of Greece validated the decision of the Five Member Appeals Court of Athens which acquitted the neo-nazi Kostas Plevris for his racist and pro-Hitler book “Jews, the whole truth”.

The Supreme Court of Greece justified the racist violence against the Jews as well as the nazi genocide with the following reasoning: “the defendant does not turn against the Jews, solely on the grounds of their racial and national origin but mainly on the grounds of their objectives for world domination, the methods that they use for the realisation of these and their conspiratorial action” (!!!) We consider it inconceivable that sixty years after the Nazi atrocity and the genocide of Jews, the Supreme Court of a member state of European Union issued this unprecedented decision. We are greatly concerned about the fact that the Greek State (government and parliamentary parties) has not reacted so far in any way against this decision that acquitted politically and morally nazism and anti-Semitism.

As if this was not enough, three members of the Antinazi Initiative, Anna Stai, Irene Koutelou and Lampis Katsiapis, who were witnesses for the prosecution at the above trial, will go on trial on September 22, 2010 because the Antinazi Initiative publicly denounced that certain judges expressed anti-Semitic positions during the trial of K. Plevris.

We hereby call the Greek State and all institutional European bodies to condemn and annul the decision of the Supreme Court of Greece in any possible way.

Also, we protest for the prosecution of the three members of Antinazi Initiative, we express our solidarity to them and ask that they are acquitted.

Date: ………………../Signed by:………………