Nazi symbols found in the city of Pafos, Cyprus

Text & Photos: Watch: Antisemitism in Europe (9 January 2020)

Several swastikas and other Nazi-symbols were found in the city of Pafos. The antisemitic paintings are associated with neonazi football-hooligans who support the Cypriot football team “Apoel Nikosia”.
As one can see in the pictures below, Apoel Hooligans (AU79) openly support the fascist Blood & Honour movement (14 / 88 graffiti) as well as the greek neo-fascist party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) and its cypriot sister party ELAM (National Popular Front).

Antisemitic football graffiti in Thessaloniki

Supporters of PAOK F.C. have sprayed onto a wall in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, antisemitic graffiti calling the supporters of Aris F.C., also based in Thessaloniki, “Sons of a bitch” and “Jews” (in Greek: Εβραίοι).

The graffiti has been recently discovered by lawyer & author Michalis Tremopoulos at the east side of the city.


Thessaloniki, June 2016. Photo courtesy of Michalis Tremopoulos.

Blogger Abravanel wrote in 2007:

“It is interesting that once a friend asked me if, as a greek Jew myself, knew if indeed Jews had founded the team of Aris Saloniki. I answered that to the best of my knowledge that this was not true and I inquired on why he wanted to know. He replied that often other fans accused him that his team was founded by Jews and he wanted to verify it! Apparently the simple fact that possibly a jew could be involved in the founding of a team was a reason enough to be contaminated, a kind of original sin. It wasn’t important that Aris doesn’t have anything to do with jews, (neither players, nor managers, nor anything else in his history), it was enough that a jew might have «touched» him to contaminate him forever without any chance of redemption. By the way probably this is the reason of why jews get the dubious honour of getting mentioned twice on the same wall, they get identified with the arch-enemy of PAOK, the team of Aris. So they become target for two reasons: one because as jews they’re a just object of hate and also because they’re identified with the traditional opponents.” (How to insult a greek! 19/3/2007)


Nazi salute by AEK Athens fc player

 AEK Athens fc player @GiwrgosKatidis celebrates winning goal that he scored by saluting the fans nazi style.

AEK Athens fc player @GiwrgosKatidis celebrates winning goal that he scored by saluting the fans nazi style.

At the same time in the second largest greek city, Thessaloniki, people were commemorating the Holocaust and the loss of nearly all it’s Jewish population* at the hands of the Nazis. Meanwhile in Veroia, a city not that far from Thessaloniki, at a football match between the local club Veroia and AEK, a 20 year old midfielder from AEK Athens, @GiwrgosKatidis, celebrated his own goal the following way… Took his shirt off and ran towards his team’s fans, stood opposite them and gave them a nazi salute!

Quote of the player: “I celebrated this way to encourage our fans to back us up. For me that gesture means nothing. It was a celebration that is associated with the specific party Golden Dawn and I did it to boost fans celebrations”!!

It’s seems to us that @GiwrgosKatidis isn’t aware of the history of the club he plays for. Everyone knows in greece that AEK is a migrants team that takes pride in this single fact.

Watch the video of the whole thing here.

*Out of 46,091 Jews deported by the nazis to Auschwitz-Birkenau from Thessaloniki only 1,950 survived.

Greek source Το κουτί της Πανδώρας translation Glykosymoritis

Mario Balotelli: The Jewish Hero of Euro 2012?

Italian star adopted by Jewish parents

By: Sammy Hudes

Published: June 29th, 2012 in Culture » Society » News

That’s my boy: Balotelli and mum Silvia embrace after Italy’s win (via

Mario Balotelli’s two goals on Thursday didn’t just propel his Italian squad past Germany and into the Euro 2012 finals to face Spain while setting off a wild celebration of Italian supporters, but his performance was also a source of nachas for the worldwide Jewish population.

For a religion that never shies away from acknowledging its own prominent celebrities, the Italian soccer hero and Manchester City striker is no doubt an unlikely, but now very much appreciated and welcomed member of the Tribe.

Balotelli, in fact, wasn’t born Jewish. He was born to Ghanaian immigrants in Sicily in 1990, and as an infant suffered from life-threatening health complications.

With his family unable to provide him with the proper medical assistance, he was put up for adoption at two years old and entrusted to Francesco and Silvia Balotelli, his Jewish foster parents.

The Balotellis were a white family who lived in a villa in a small village near Brescia, in northern Italy. At first, he stayed at the Balotellis during the week and returned to his family on weekends. He eventually grew closer to his foster family and took their surname.



Με αφορμή το Μουντιάλ / The world’s favorite sport

Η Ισραηλινο-Παλαιστινιακή διαμάχη σώζει ζωές

Όλες οι κυβερνήσεις – με εξαίρεση τις ΗΠΑ, λίγες χώρες της Αφρικής και μικρά Πολυνησιακά κράτη – χρησιμοποιούν το Ισραήλ ως ένα μέσο για ν’ αποσπάσουν την προσοχή των λαών τους από εσωτερικά ζητήματα. Το Ισραήλ παρέχει κάθαρση για τοπικά προβλήματα.

Οι άνθρωποι συχνά αγνοούν το τεράστιο καλό που κάνει για την ανθρωπότητα η Ισραηλινο-Παλαιστινιακή διαμάχη. Παρέχει ατελείωτες ώρες διασκέδασης, προσφέρει ένα μέρος για να προβάλει κάποιος το θυμό του, αποτελεί ένα μέσο για ν’ αγνοεί κανείς τα προβλήματα στην πατρίδα του και, με τον τρόπο αυτό, καταφέρνει όντως να σώζει ζωές εμποδίζοντας τοπικές συγκρούσεις, αποσπώντας την προσοχή των λαών και ενθαρρύνοντάς τους να εστιάζουν το μίσος και τα συναισθήματά τους σ’ ένα πολύ μακρινό τόπο που δεν μπορούν ν’ αλλάξουν.

Οι άνθρωποι συχνά βλέπουν την εμμονή του κόσμου στη διαμάχη μ’ έναν από τους δύο τρόπους. Μερικοί πιστεύουν ότι η ετήσια καταδίκη του Ισραήλ από τον ΟΗΕ, η ύπαρξη για τους Παλαιστίνιους μιας ειδικής υπηρεσίας που δεν υπάρχει για καμία άλλη ομάδα, η αναφορά σε όλο τον κόσμο του θανάτου ενός και μόνο Παλαιστίνιου τη στιγμή που ο θάνατος 100.000 Αφρικανών συνήθως περνά απαρατήρητος, αποτελούν αποδείξεις του σύγχρονου αντισημιτισμού, ιδίως των Ευρωπαίων και των Μουσουλμάνων. Οι ισχυρισμοί για κλοπές οργάνων από εφημερίδες της Σουηδίας, τα κακοπροαίρετα σχόλια κοσμικών όπως είναι η Βρετανίδα Jenny Tonge ή η Αμερικανίδα Helen Thomas φαίνεται να ενισχύουν την άποψη αυτή.

του Seth  J. Frantzman, JPOST 8.6.10, μετάφραση του Ζαν Κοέν – διαβάστε τη συνέχεια εδώ

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict saves lives

All governments, except the US, a few African countries and tiny Polynesian nations, use Israel as a way to distract their people from issues at home. Israel provides catharsis for local problems.

People often ignore the tremendous amount of good the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does for humanity. It provides endless hours of entertainment, a place to project one’s anger, a way to ignore problems at home and in so doing, it may actually save lives by preventing local conflicts through distracting people and encouraging them to focus their hate and emotions at a far off place they cannot change.

People often view the world’s obsession with the conflict in one of two ways. Some believe the fact Israel is condemned yearly by the UN, that a special agency exists for the Palestinians that does not exist for any other group, that the death of one Palestinian is reported around the world, while the death of 100,000 Africans is routinely ignored, is evidence of modern anti-Semitism, especially by Europeans and Muslims. The organ theft allegations in newspapers in Sweden, the hate-filled comments of socialites such as Britain’s Jenny Tonge or America’s Helen Thomas seems to add evidence to this affect.

Seth J. Frantzman, JPost 8.6.2010, read the rest here

Η ηθική ήττα της αριστεράς

Για δεκαετίες, η αριστερά σήκωνε το λάβαρο της ελευθερίας όπου υπήρχε αδικία. Ήταν ο θεματοφύλακας των ουτοπικών ελπίδων της κοινωνίας. Ήταν ο μεγάλος οικοδόμος του μέλλοντος. Παρά τη δολοφονική κακία του Σταλινισμού που βύθισε αυτές τις ουτοπίες, η αριστερά έχει διατηρήσει ανέπαφη την αύρα του αγώνα και εξακολουθεί να προσποιείται ότι δείχνει το καλό και το κακό στον κόσμο. Ακόμη κι εκείνοι που ποτέ δεν θα ψήφιζαν αριστερές επιλογές, αποδίδουν μεγάλο κύρος σε αριστερούς διανοούμενους και τους επιτρέπουν να μονοπωλούν την έννοια της αλληλεγγύης. Όπως έκαναν πάντα. Έτσι, όσοι αγωνίστηκαν κατά του Pinochet ήταν αγωνιστές της ελευθερίας ενώ τα θύματα του Κάστρο εκδιώχθηκαν από τον παράδεισο των ηρώων και μετατράπηκαν σε μυστικούς φασίστες.

Η ιστορική αυτή προδοσία της ελευθερίας επαναλαμβάνεται σήμερα με μαθηματική ακρίβεια. Για παράδειγμα, οι ηγέτες της Hezbollah θεωρούνται ήρωες της αντίστασης ενώ ειρηνιστές σαν τον Ισραηλινό τραγουδιστή Noa δέχονται προσβολές στους δρόμους της Βαρκελώνης. Σήμερα όπως και χθες, η αριστερά πλασάρει ολοκληρωτικές ιδεολογίες, ερωτεύεται δικτάτορες και, στον αγώνα της κατά του Ισραήλ, αγνοεί την καταπάτηση θεμελιωδών δικαιωμάτων. Μισεί τους ραβίνους αλλά ερωτεύεται τους ιμάμηδες, φωνάζει εναντίον του Ισραηλινού Στρατού αλλά επικροτεί τρομοκράτες της Hamas, κλαίει για τα Παλαιστινιακά θύματα αλλά περιφρονεί τα θύματα των Εβραίων και, όταν συγκινείται από τα παιδιά της Παλαιστίνης, το κάνει μόνο αν μπορεί να κατηγορήσει τους Ισραηλινούς. 

Απόσπασμα ομιλίας της δημοσιογράφου και ακροαριστερής πολιτικού Πιλάρ Ραχόλα που εκφωνήθηκε στις 8 Φεβρουαρίου του 2009 στη Διάσκεψη του Παγκόσμιου Φόρουμ για την Καταπολέμηση του Αντισημιτισμού που πραγματοποιήθηκε στην Ιερουσαλήμ. Διαβάστε ολόκληρη την ομιλία της Π. Ραχόλα στη μετάφραση του Ζαν Κοέν εδώ

The moral defeat of the left

For decades, the left raised the flag of freedom wherever there was injustice. It was the depositary of the utopian hopes of society. It was the great builder of the future. Despite the murderous evil of Stalinism’s sinking these utopias, the left has preserved intact its aura of struggle, and still pretends to point out good and evil in the world. Even those who would never vote for leftist options, grant great prestige to leftist intellectuals, and allow them to be the ones who monopolize the concept of solidarity. As they have always done. Thus, those who struggled against Pinochet were freedom-fighters, but Castro’s victims, are expelled from the heroes’ paradise, and converted into undercover fascists.

This historic treason to freedom is reproduced nowadays, with mathematical precision. For example, the leaders of Hezbollah are considered resistance heroes, while pacifists like the Israeli singer Noa, are insulted in the streets of Barcelona. Today too, as yesterday, the left is hawking totalitarian ideologies, falls in love with dictators and, in its offensive against Israel, ignores the destruction of fundamental rights. It hates rabbis, but falls in love with imams; shouts against the Israeli Defense Forces, but applauds Hamas’s terrorists; weeps for the Palestinian victims, but scorns the Jewish victims, and when it is touched by Palestinian children, it does it only if it can blame the Israelis.

Pilar Rahola, Spanish Catalan journalist, writer, and former politician and Member of Parliament, and member of the far left. Her speech was given December 16, 2009 at the Conference in the Global forum for Combating Anti-Semitism in Jerusalem. Read her speech on