Greece: Leftist newspaper publishes cartoons demonizing Israel

Via Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Two sketches by Michalis Kountouris, with strong messages of demonisation of Israel and unacceptable parallelism with the Holocaust, were published in the “Efimerida Syntakton” (EFSYN. – “Editors’ Journal”) on 10th and 11th April 2018. The sketches were commented on with the following article entitled “Bloody Handprints” – published in the issue of the EFSYN of 16.4.18 – by the journalist and General Secretary of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, Victor Is. Eliezer.

The sketches also stirred a reaction from Israel’s Ambassador to Greece, Ms. Irit Ben-Abba (letter to the EFSYN 11/4/2018), and journalist Dimitris Psarras (through his article “We do not Forget the Holocaust” EFSYN  16/4/2018).

  • Victor Is. Eliezer: “Bloody Handprints” EFIMERIDA SYNTAKTON  16/4/2018

Yom Hashoah. Holocaust Day, 11th April 2018. The Jews mourn for their 6,000,000 fellow Jews who were unjustly and brutally killed in the gas chambers of the Nazi camps! On the same day, in Greece, the “EFSYN”, known for its merciless struggle against anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism, hosted a sketch in which an Israeli soldier leaves the prints of his bloodied hands on the Wailing Wall, next to many other bloody handprints of other people who apparently prayed before him. You know, all the Jews have visited the Wailing Wall, many of us pray and touch the Wall that is what is left of the Temple of Solomon. The bloody handprints, according to the cartoonist, could be the bloody handprints of every Jew who has visited the Wailing Wall!  One day earlier, another sketch (by the same cartoonist) appeared in the newspaper, where the Gaza Strip was identified with a prisoner of Nazi concentration camps.


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Greek leftist columnist denounces antisemitism surveys and demonizes Israel (once again)


In an article published on the news site (May 10, 2017), entitled “In bloody ink”, journalist and cartoonist Stathis (Stavropoulos) denounces attempts to incriminate criticism against Israel that present it as anti-Semitism in order to annul such political criticism. The article is accompanied by a cartoon which pictures free opinion killed by Israel. The article and cartoon were Stathis response to the publication of a survey on Anti-Semitism in Greece which shows high rates of anti-Semitic feelings in Greece.

In a statement, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece expressed the outrage of the Greek Jewry at Stathis’ antisemitic libel:

[…] And it is obvious for us that even the sharpest criticism against the policy of the Israeli Government has nothing to do with Anti-Semitism. However, when -according to a recent research, 65% of the Greeks agree with the opinion that “Israel treats the Palestinian exactly as the Nazis treated the Jews”, then all –politicians and journalists alike- need to take responsibility for reproducing the industrialized propaganda of delegitimization of the State of Israel.

“Traditional Anti-Semitism” defies and demonizes the personal right of every Jew to live as an equal member of the society. “New anti-Semitism” defies and demonizes the collective right of the Jews to live as an equal nation in the land of Israel, among the society of Nations.

Stathis’ writing and the accompanying cartoon qualify him as a genuine representative of both traditional and new anti-Semitism. It is a pity!

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Ariel Sharon dressed like a Nazi with a swastika on his arm stating “Fascism is not only the logic of killing, but primarily killing logic” appears on the cover of Stathis Stavropoulos’ collection of cartoons “The anti-fascist, anti-racist [cartoons]” (Athens 2016).

Ariel Sharon in Nazi uniform on the cover of a collection of cartoons

Via XYZ Contagion blog

Ariel Sharon dressed like a Nazi with a swastika on his arm stating “Fascism is not only the logic of killing, but primarily killing logic” appears on the cover of Stathis Stavropoulos’ new collection of cartoons. It is entitled “The anti-fascist, anti-racist [cartoons]” (Kapsimi Editions, Athens 2016).

The cartoon was initially published in the leftwing daily newspaper Eleftherotypia in March 2004.

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Greece: Yanis Varoufakis depicted as Shylock

A cartoon depicting former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis as a “Jewish loan shark” was published today in the Greek daily newspaper “Ta Nea” (page 7).

The context: Italy shocked at 24,000 euro TV interview with Varoufakis

Cartoonist Efi Xenou depicted Yanis Varoufakis as Shylock. Source:

Cartoonist Efi Xenou depicted Yanis Varoufakis as Shylock. Source:

In a letter to the editor, the Central Board of the Jewish Communities in Greece strongly protested the blatant antisemitism of this cartoon.

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Update, 02.11.2015

Read more about the antisemitic caricature recently printed in “Ta Nea”: [1] Greek Jews protest anti-Semitic Varoufakis Shylock caricature (, [2] Greek Newspaper Prints Shylock Caricature of Former Finance Minister (, [3] Anti-Semitic Cartoon in Greek Mainstream Newspaper (

Update, 25.11.2015

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Greek newspaper compares eurozone to Auschwitz

Via The Telegraph:

German newspaper Bild reports that on page three of the weekly Greek To Pontiki newspaper, they have printed a cartoon implying that Greece is tantamount to a victim of the Holocaust.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is shown with Wehrmacht helmet, and the barrel of his pistol is directed to the Greek Government (in pink), with a Greek family being ushered towards what looks like Auschwitz.

The newspaper is satirical, but the copy that goes with the cartoon is not. […]

To Pontiki Holocaust Trivialization

To Pontiki, 25/06/2015

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