Supporters of schismatic monks display antisemitic banner in Thessaloniki

Around 400 supporters of the schismatic Esfigmenou monastery on Mount Athos rallied in Thessaloniki to protest the recent conviction of the monastery prior and another monk to twenty years imprisonment each for construction, possession and usage of Molotov cocktails during an eviction of the order’s administrative offices in 2013.

The protesters displayed a huge antisemitic banner reading “Judeo-Masonry wages war on Greece and Orthodoxy.” [see photo below]


Antisemitic rally in Thessaloniki, 19/02/2017. Via

Earlier this month, protesters (zealots, football fans and Nazis) gathered outside Parliament in Athens to decry the conviction of the zealot monks chanting “Hands off the Orthodoxy” and “Jews out of Parliament.” [watch video below, 0’18’’] Golden Dawn MP Giannis Lagos was also part of the rally.

During a rally that took place at Athens’s Propylaia in February 2016, the excommunicated abbot of Esfigmenou monastery warned the Jews of a “Greek Hitler” that might come.

Antisemitic rally held in Thessaloniki

A rally against the new electronic “card of citizen” gathered hundreds of people in front of the oversized statue of Alexander the Great in Nea Paralia of Thessaloniki, reports journalist Sofia Christoforidou. Laypeople and members of the Greek Orthodox organization “Agios Vasileios” protested the “instruments of Antichrist and the New World Order” holding religious icons, banners, Greek and Byzantine flags. One of the banners featured the message: “No to the card of citizen. There is only one enemy: The international Zionism.”
rally against ID cards thessaloniki

“No to the card of citizen. There is only one enemy: The international Zionism.” Photo courtesy of Sofia Christoforidou

Antisemitic publications with titles like “The Jewish-Zionist vampire Soros is thirsty for Greek blood” were available for purchase during the demonstration. The protesters shouted slogans against “the Jewish” Mayor of Thessaloniki, Yiannis Boutaris.
One of the speakers was the excommunicated Abbot Methodios, who at a similar rally in Athens a few weeks ago threatened the Jews with a “Greek Hitler”. In Thessaloniki, he suggested again that the Christians are enslaved by “the Jews”. He also said that the Jews “were cannibals, when the Greeks were building Parthenons.” His Jew-hate rant was warmly applauded, reports Sofia Christoforidou.

Excommunicated Orthodox Abbot warns the Jews of the coming of a “Greek Hitler”

According to Vice Greece, around 4,000 people protested at Athens’s Propylaia earlier this week the forthcoming Greek ID cards, which will be issued with a microchip carrying the holder’s NI number. The rally was organized by Greek Orthodox zealots, the so-called followers of the Old Calendar, and was attended by members of the Nazi Golden Dawn party.

Abbot Methodios from the Esfigmenou monastery addressed the demonstrators accusing the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Greek politicians for trying to destroy the Orthodox traditions and deliver the country to the Jews. The abbot said that the Greek people don’t need the “Jewish money” in order to survive and threatened them with a new Hitler:
“If the Jews are complaining that Hitler came and killed them [some protesters cry out: lies!], they should be careful this time, because a Greek Hitler might come. They should be very careful!” 
The abbot’s Jew-hate rant was applauded by his supporters.
Update: Abbot Methodios represents a rebel community of zealot monks excommunicated for heresy. Read more