Volos City Council refused to adopt a resolution commemorating the Holocaust

The majority of the municipal council of Volos, a coastal port city in Thessaly, has reportedly refused to adopt a resolution commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. The opposition which initiated the resolution accused the president of the municipal council, George Moulas, of complicity with the Nazi Golden Dawn party.


Rabbi Moshe Pesach in 1939. Source: Wikipedia

The Volos Jewish community has arguably been in existence since the ancient Greek Empire.  Last year, Rabbi Moshe Shimon Pessach, an outstanding rabbinic and communal leader whose efforts saved the Jewish community of Volos from the German Nazis, was posthumously honored in Israel. Rabbi Pesach initiated and orchestrated the rescue of the Jewish community with the help of the Bishop of Volos, Joachim Alexopoulos and other non-Jews, saving 74 percent of the Jewish community in a country where 85 percent of the Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. [More information: “The Rabbi and Bishop Who Saved a Greek Jewish Community” by Anav Silverman, April 2015]


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