New VP of Greek Defense Industry blogs on alleged Jewish plan “to undermine the world”

George Kessarios and The Greek Analyst reported today on Twitter that the new Vice President of Greek Defense Industry, Babis Papaspyros, has tweeted about “quislings”, “Nazi collaborators” and “how Jewish people want to undermine the world via multiculturalism” [see screenshot 1]: This is the title of a conspiracy theory article that Papaspyros republished from a far-right website on his personal blog in December 2010 [see screenshot 2]. In this article, it is suggested that the Jews have acquired the power to kill “thousands of Palestinians” while they remain unpunished and to accuse “their enemies” of antisemitism with legal means.  At the end, it proposes a video of notorious antisemitic conspiracy theorist David Duke.

Mr. Papaspyros is close to Greece’s Minister of Defense, Panos Kammenos; according to he has been appointed in November 2015 by Greece’s Finance Minister.


Screenshot 1: In December 2010, Babis Papaspyros tweeted about how “Jewish people want to undermine the world via multiculturalism”. Via



Screenshot 2: B. Papaspyros republished a conspiracy theory article on his personal blog in December 2010. Source:

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