2015: a year of antisemitic & anti-Israel incidents in Greece

Highlights this year include antisemitic cartoons printed in leftist and centrist dailies, demonization of Israel in the name of “anti-racism”, Holocaust trivialization, desecration of a Jewish monument & a cemetery, homophobic- and religiously-inspired antisemitism & BDS calls.

Here’s our selection from 2015; the list is arranged in chronological order:

1) Greek anti-racist website blames Israel for solidarity with “Charlie Hebdo” and defines Jihadism as a creation of Western Imperialism (January 2015)

2) Greek cartoon depicts Wolfgang Schäuble aiming at the extermination of the Greeks (February 2015)

3) Antisemitic graffiti on the wall of the Jewish Cemetery of Kavala (June 2015)

4) Desecration of the Holocaust Memorial of Kavala (June 2015)

5) Greek rightist MP trivializes (once again) the Holocaust (June 2015)

6) Popular Unity Party signes up Israel-haters and conspiracy theorists (September 2015)

7) Jewish Cemetery in Nikaia, Athens, with nazi graffitis vandalized (October 2015)

8) Yanis Varoufakis depicted as Shylock (October 2015)

9) Greek vocalists cancel their performance with Idan Raichel after BDS pressure (November 2015)

10) Greek Orthodox Bishop blames the «Zionist Monster» for the Cohabitation Agreement (December 2015)

Update, 7.1.2016: We added eight antisemitic incidents to our list. One of them (October 2015) includes threats and a physical attack against members of antifascist groups that stand up against antisemitism.

11) Greek Nazi organization “Unaligned Meander Nationalists” posts a picture of four Nazis in front of the vandalized entrance of the Jewish Cemetery of Larissa (January 2015)

12) Greek mainstream newspaper singles out names of “Jewish origin” featured on Swiss Leaks (February 2015)

13) Greek newspaper compares eurozone to Auschwitz (June 2015)

14) Members of far-right and antisemitic «Team Epsilon» group arrested in Kalamata (October 2015)

15) Concert organized by ‘Antifa Negative’ & ‘0151’ attacked by anarchists over ‘solidarity to Palestine’ (October 2015)

16) Greek politician suggests that the French Jews had foreknowledge of the Paris terror attacks (November 2015)

17) Antisemitism in Greek newspaper: ridiculous or dangerous? (November 2015)

18) Church of Greece and extreme right daily Eleftheri Ora sell Protocols of Zion and books by notorious authors Fourakis, Plevris and Golden Dawn’s Goudis (December 2015)

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