Complaint letter to Journalists’ Union of Athens Daily Newspapers

Symbiosis-31Greek NGO Symbiosis sent an official complaint to the Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers, on behalf of Get the Trolls Out!, a trans-European programme responding to the concerning rise in antisemitic attitudes and statements by both politicians and media. With this letter, they would like to report the occurrence of unethical media practice from the Athenian newspaper “Eleftheri Ora” (“Ελεύθερη Ώρα”) which clearly violates the Ethical Principles of Journalism.

Within the framework of the “Get The Trolls Out!” programme, we have recently received numerous reports denouncing unacceptable media content published in Eleftheri Ora, reproducing antisemitic false myths and mixing them with other forms of racism such as Islamophobia.

In the last four months, we have identified the following six headlines – attached to this letter – breaching the standards of ethical journalism:

1. 13 July 2015: “The Jews – Free Masons Merkel and Schauble are trying to snatch Greece’s mineral wealth”;

2. 22 July 2015: “Something big will happen on September” – An arch-rabbi announced the date of… Antichrist’s arrival – He urged Jews from all over the world to return to Israel”;

3. 15 September 2015: “The horrible predictions concerning Jewish “Shmita” – The “year of Lucifer” began on September 13th!”;


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