Breaking: Desecration of the Holocaust Memorial of Kavala

Unknown persons desecrated with paint the Holocaust Memorial of Kavala early this morning (see the photos below), reported the website

The inauguration of the Holocaust Memorial took place on Sunday June 7, 2015. The Monument dedicated to the 1,484 Jews of the town who perished in the Nazi camp of Treblinka, was unveiled following a controversy of many weeks caused by the decision of the Mayor of Kavala to postpone the unveiling ceremony on the grounds that members of the city council objected to the monument’s “Star of David” engraving.





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Update, 22.06.: On Monday, the Jewish community expressed its satisfaction with the Kavala municipality for its “immediate intervention to clean and restore the monument.” The  community called on Greek authorities to apprehend the vandals. [via JTA]

The Canadian Embassy to the Hellenic Republic condemns in the strongest terms the desecration of the holocaust memorial in Kavala and calls on the relevant authorities to take all necessary steps to identify those responsible and hold them accountable under the law. [via Facebook]

Update, 23.06.: The Greek government hasn’t yet condemned the desecration of the Holocaust Memorial of Kavala. Here is the full statement of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece:

After two weeks since its inauguration the much disputed Holocaust Monument in Kavala was desecrated with an amount of paint thrown at it by unknown vandals. Though guarded by the police during the night, the Monument was found in the morning of Sunday June 21, 2015, covered with light blue paint.
Following the Municipality’s prompt actions, the city’s cleaning units restored it immediately.
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece in an announcement posted on its website expressed the Greek Jewry’s sorrow at the disgraceful incident. The announcement also points out: “At the same time we express our satisfaction for the immediate intervention of the Municipality of Kavala for the cleaning of the Monument and urge all competent authorities to take the necessary measures to protect it from those who aim at vandalizing not only the memory of the victims but the cultural heritage of the city of Kavala as well”.
Kavala Mayor Dimitra Tsanaka condemned the incident while stressed that this was not a sign of anti-Semitism. (Source:

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