Greek MP tweets about “attacks of Jews against all of us”

In a response to a Tweet by news-site Russia Today about the surge of antisemitism in Europe, Greek MP Dimitris Kammenos asked two days ago: “Have you recorded the attacks of Jews against all of us?” Dimitris Kammenos is member of the right-wing Independent Greeks party, a coalition partner of Syriza, and his Twitter account has the name “Porta Porta”.

No mainstream Greek media reported the incident. The blog published a screenshot of the antisemitic tweet, which has been deleted by Dimitris Kammenos in the meantime.

Back in December 2014, the leader of the Independent Greeks party, Panos Kammenos, has claimed during an interview that only the Orthodox Church pays taxes in Greece but not the Buddhists, the Jews and the Muslims. Stavroula Xoulidou, another MP of the same party, has suggested in an essay that the “World Zionist Movement” threatens the Greek nation.

2 thoughts on “Greek MP tweets about “attacks of Jews against all of us”

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