Syriza supports recognising Palestine

The Greek government is committed to recognising Palestine, said Syriza MEP Sofia Sakorafa. EurActiv Greece reports.

In an interview with EurActiv Greece, the lawmaker [sic] said that 138 countries within the UN are in favour of the request to upgrade the Palestinian Authority to a state, and dozens of national parliaments have already done so.


“There is a fixed commitment of the Greek government to recognize Palestine as a state […] I estimate that very soon the Greek government will also raise the issue. Schematically-speaking, once it takes a breath from the suffocation,” Sakorafa underlined, referring to the tough negotiations between Athens and the so-called “Troika” on the future of the cash-strapped country.

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One thought on “Syriza supports recognising Palestine

  1. Μακάρι να γίνει κανονικό κράτος… Όταν θα είναι κράτος και θα φεύγουν οι τυφλές ρουκέτες στα γυναικόπαιδα του Ισραήλ, εκεί θα γελάσουμε πολύ με όλους και με όλα, μαζί και με τη Σακοράφα!

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