Victimhood culture spawns Greek anti-Semitism, study finds

By Harry van Versendaal

A large number of Greeks have limited awareness of the Holocaust or even hold anti-Semitic views, according to a new survey which traces the roots of attitudes to a strong sense of victimization among the public.

The same study found that prejudice or hatred against the Jews cuts across the country’s left-right political spectrum, which is similarly attributed to the fact that victimhood, the idea that Greeks have suffered without full responsibility for their misfortune, is a universal trait of the country’s political culture.

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  • “The survey was funded by the British, Canadian and Romanian Embassies in Athens and focuses on the Holocaust, its memory and the reactions it generates among the Greek public opinion. The study was carried out in January 2015 and was administered by the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki; it comes as a continuation of a previous survey carried out in 2014. The two surveys concluded that ‘anti-Semitic attitudes and negative perceptions of the Holocaust are worryingly high among Greek public opinion’.” [via]
  • “Among the report’s most shocking findings was that almost half of all recipients agreed with the statement: “The Jews treat Palestinians in the same way they were treated by the Germans in WWII,” a result that one of report’s authors Dr Giorgos Antoniou, describes as “devastating”. Over 90% of the Greeks questioned believed that Jewish people hold too much power in international business and media.” [Felicity Capon: Greeks Have ‘Devastating’ Lack of Awareness About the Holocaust, Study Finds., 3/20/15]

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