Athens Jewish Youth Erases Antisemitic Graffiti



Tuesday, 04 November 2014

Members of the Jewish Youth of Athens (ENA) gathered on Sunday 2nd of November 2014 in order to erase the anti-Semitic graffiti which was written on the Holocaust Monument of Athens by the extreme nationalist and anti-Semitic organization “Unaligned Meander Nationalists” (Greek abbreviation: AME).
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece congratulates ENA for this initiative, which shows that the new generation is determined to send a strong message that it continues to struggle against racism and anti-Semitism and that it honors and respects the memory of the 60.000 Greek Jews who perished during the Holocaust.

Διαβάστε επίσης: Νίκος Βατόπουλος, “Ζήτημα ευθύνης της πολιτείας” (Καθημερινή, 4.11.2014)

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