Belgium: Antisemitic graffiti in Marche-en-Famenne



An antisemitic graffiti was scrawled on a wall in the Walloon municipality of Marche-en-Famenne. The graffiti reads: “Death to France. Death to the Jews”.
Read more (in French):
Un tag antisémite à Marche: ce n’est pas la première fois (, 30.09.2014)

It was the May shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels — and the subsequent arrest of Mr. Nemmouche — that attracted international attention, as four people were killed, including two Israelis. But there have been smaller incidents that received less notice: a Turkish shop owner in Liège who posted a sign saying he would serve dogs but not Jews, a voice on the intercom of a commuter train that announced a stop as “Auschwitz” and ordered all Jews to get off.

“This summer, I started to see the world in a different way,” said Marco Mosseri, 31, a native Italian who works in the automotive industry in Brussels. “I was scared. I spent several nights without sleep. For the first time, I was thinking that maybe I could die from my religion.” Jim Yardley: Europe’s Anti-Semitism Comes Out of the Shadows, The New York Times, 23.09.2014



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