Threats of terrorism and anti-Semitic remarks in a tram in Belgium

tram belgiumAn unknown tram passenger in the municipality of Jette, Belgium, threatened and insulted another passenger, Michel Luyckx – a non-Jewish psychologist, using the words “dirty Jew”, right after M. Luyckx reacted to the fact that the unknown person started saying loudly that Belgium was governed by Jews, and that they must all be killed. He also threatened it will end with a terror attack in Brussels. As M. Luyckx went to the police to report the facts, the policemen ignored his statement. He then informed the Ligue Belge contre l’Antisémitisme.

Read more (in French): Jette: menaces antisémites et d’attentat dans le tram (daily “La Capitale”, 13.09.2014)

Read also: Belgium: Arab gets on tram, says Jews rule Belgium and that should all be killed (Blog The New Antisemite)


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