Greek journalists support boycott of Israeli goods

"Boycott Israel!" Rome, Italy 2014. Via

“Boycott Israel!” Rome, Italy 2014. Via

Aris Chatzistefanou, Greek journalist and filmmaker (“Debtocracy”, 2011) has supported in the newspaper “I Efimerida ton Syntakton” (Η Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών) the campaign “Long live Palestine, boycott Israel” and explained how Buycott App works. Quoting the South African activist and Bishop Desmond Tutu, Chatzistefanou draws a direct line connecting apartheid and the Israeli politics.

Last month, another Greek journalist, Laurie Keza, had also actively suggested the boycott of Israeli products in “To Vima” (Το Βήμα), a mainstream Greek newspaper. Keza describes Israel as an “agressive state with a modern army”, which “seized immediately the opportunity” to make a war against the Palestinians, who have instead “a limited number of rockets from Iran”. Keza suggests also that thousands of Jews from all over the world “march towards Israel”, only in order to “alter the demographic balance” and “colonize” Palestine.

You can read the article of Aris Chatzistefanou in greek:

You can read the article of Laurie Keza also in greek:

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