Golden Dawn is threatening Academics, activists and other greek americans in New York


According to an article which was published today in the greek news a “Witch Hunt” of academics and activists with greek – american background, as well as leading figures of the American left and top executives of the Greek American community has unleashed the Golden Dawn in New York. In an act of revenge, as they themselves said, and indictment“ a mixture of obsessions with plenty of populism, the Greek-American members publicized personal details, telephone numbers and addresses.

According to the same article, the Golden Dawn NY decided to target the specific Greek and Greek-American because “they dared“ to tell their views in the documentary «Golden Dawn, NYC». The neonazis characterized the film propaganda against the Golden Dawn” and criticizing those who speak against them there. They proceed  to the disclosure of personal data asking their readers to call, sending emails with threats etc. 

Via dawn of the greeks

greek source: press project


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