Greece: Zionists and Jews behind “Islamist invasion”


Swedish journalist Tomas Lundin reports in SvD (not online) on the Golden Dawn party. At an election rally, one of the party representatives said that Europe is flood with fanatical Islamists who want to wipe out European civilization. Who’s behind it? The American Zionists, the Jews and their friends, who cannot accept an independent Greece. The audience applauded wildly.

This isn’t the first time that Golden Dawn mixes up the “Jews” and “Zionists”. Apparently the Greeks didn’t get the memo: If you want to be acceptably anti-Semitic, remember that you’re only against “Zionists”.

Source: The New Antisemite

Δείτε και το σχετικό ρεπορτάζ του Tomas Lundin, στο οποίο ο Ηλίας Παναγιώταρος υμνεί τη Ρωσία, “ένα μεγάλο έθνος που ευτυχώς συνειδητοποίησε τον κίνδυνο αφανισμού του ευρωπαϊκού πολιτισμού, ξεκινώντας μεγάλη μάχη κατά του Κακού”.

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