Open political event of dawn of the greeks in the social center Jugendclub-Bureau, Sulzbach-Rosenberg //Greece! the rise of a fascist society

270950-thermaikos_11The first open political event of dawn of the greeks will take place next Friday (September 20) in the social center Jugendclub-Bureau in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. You can read a brief description of the event below:

pogroms, assassinations, police repression, fascist speech, society of control, detention camps, greek borders

In the last Greek elections, in May as well as in June 2012, the neonazi party Golden Dawn took 7% with half a million votes. Worse than that, in the recent pulse surveys of the past months approximately the 15%-17% of greeks support the neonazi party and they sympathize with the neonazi party activities. At the same time attacking immigrants in Athens and various other greek cities has become mainstream in the last years.

However racism and antisemitism, nationalism, homophobia and fascism have been permanent features of the greek society for years .

Greek society knows how to treat and show hospitality to strangers. From the busy districts of Athens to the fields of the greek countryside, migrant workers, refugees, Roma people and others often were shot, raped, murdered, detained all the past decades with the support and silence of the greek majority.

With Panos Adr (dawn of the greeks / against oblivion) and Bernd Volkert

Der größte Teil der Veranstaltung wird in Englisch abgehalten werden, da der Hauptreferent aus Griechenland ist. Des Weiteren wird ein ca. 10-minütiges Video gezeigt werden und Bernd Volkert wird einen kurzen Einblick in anarchistische Untergrundorganisationen.


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