‘We Are Next’: Greek Jews Fear Rise Of Far-Right Party


by Joanna Kakissis

September 04, 2013

Via npr.org (National Public Radio, USA)

No one has ever doubted Mois Yussuroum’s patriotism. As part of the Greek resistance during World War II, he fought Benito Mussolini’s fascist army and then the Nazis.

“The other resistance fighters didn’t know I was Jewish,” he says, since he used the name “Yiorgos Gazis” in case he was captured. “But my superiors did know, and they gave me many responsibilities, including making me a garrison commander.”

Now, more than 70 years after Yussuroum and other Greeks fought the German Nazis, Greece confronts the rise of the Golden Dawn Party, which espouses a far-right ideology. Its members use Nazi symbolism and slogans and blame “Jewish bankers” for the country’s debt crisis. They say they’re patriots, not fascists, a claim that makes Yussuroum, a retired dentist who’s now 94, cringe.

“Their minds are sick,” he says. “They say the Holocaust is a lie, and they don’t believe the Germans killed Jews.”


  • Listen to the story here.

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