Review “Historein”: How to Deal with Tormented Pasts

Historein (a review of the past and other stories), Vol. 11

Table of Contents


How to Deal with Tormented Pasts (Antonis Liakos) 5-9


History, Memory and the Law in France, 1990–2010 (Pierre Nora) 10-13

Using History: The Struggle over Traumatic Experiences of the Past in Historical Culture (Jörn Rüsen) 14-18

Criminal Laws on History: The Case of the European Union (Luigi Cajani) 19-48

How Much Does Historical Truth Still Matter? (Marina Cattaruzza) 49-58

Conceptualising Historical Crimes (Antoon De Baets) 59-68

Holocaust Denial: Anti-Semitism as a Refusal to Accept Reality (Wolfgang Benz) 69-79

Does the Iliad need an Agamemnon Version? History, Politics and the Greek 1940s (Thanasis D. Sfikas, Anna Mahera) 80-98

From Oblivion to Obsession: The Uses of History in Recent Public Debates in Turkey (Vangelis Kechriotis) 99-124

Kulturgeschichte as a Political Tool: The Finnish Case (Marja Jalava) 125-135


Puzzles of the Past: Silences, Omissions and Unexplored Topics in History (Thomas W. Gallant, Aris Sarafianos) 136-174


Historein Historein


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