The greek police and justice system in solidarity with the greek neonazis (via “dawn of the greeks”)

The 6 Nazis who attacked Egyptian immigrant workers (fishermen) in Perama are free.

In five of the six defendants imposed restrictive conditions, such as show at regular intervals to the police station in their area, not to leave the country and guarantee payment of 2,000 euros each.

The decision relied on the fact that the Egyptians in their oral submission to identify the perpetrators fell into contradictions. Specifically, the two made different statements, and one did not recognize any of those arrested.

The filing of the Egyptian, who is seriously wounded in the head and hospitalized perhaps illuminate further the case which has not closed as expected supplementary data such as fingerprints from the scene.

greek source: SKAI

Free are also the 8 Golden dawn members that caused an attack against leftwings and a bar owner in the city of Veria

Postponed for the second time yesterday the trial of eight golden dawn members who last Saturday led to episodes in Veria and then burst into a cafeteria where the owner was beaten up, the same with the regulars and destroyed what they found before them. The new trial date was set for June 27, it is worth noting that among the defendants and two candidates are members of neo-Nazi organization. The Three-Member Misdemeanor flagrant Veria, before whom were tried in the afternoon the accused, he accepted their request and, combined with the absence of key witness again postponed the trial. The first postponement was the pre-Monday when the court lifted while in detention.

Against them were charged with dangerous bodily harm, damage to private property, insulting and threatening.

greek source: Kathimerini

Kasidiaris (one of the Nazi leaders is also free)

The guy who attacked two women members of Syriza and the communist party is also free. Apart from his trial for his live attack in a tv studio Kasidiaris is also accused for participation in a robbery and attack to a phd student some years ago. The trial is postponed for the 7th time.

greek source:

Another Nazi leader

Appeared in public saying “We have issue with some Egyptians” before the attack on the Egyptians.

greek source: newsnow

Free is also the Nazi

Who threatened to go to kindergardens and draw out the children of immigrants.

greek source: newsnow

Free is the daughter of the leader of the Nazis (Golden Dawn) Michaloliakos and 2 more candidates

After their attack on immigrants in Piraeus and Iera odos.

greek source: Imerisia

No arrest has been made at against countless attacks near ASOE university and the metro (HSAP)

fascists all free

Source: dawn of the greeks

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