Far-Right Politician in Greece Slaps Rival on TV


Published: June 7, 2012

ATHENS — Politics has been a rough-and-tumble affair here this year, but mostly in a metaphorical sense until Thursday, when a male legislator from an ultraright political party attacked two rival legislators on a live television talk show, both of them women, throwing water in the face of one and slapping the other in the face repeatedly.

The intemperate outburst came just over a week before general elections that could determine Greece’s future in the euro zone, shifting the debate at least for the moment from commitments to foreign creditors and financial woes to the legislator, Ilias Kasidiaris, and the party for which he was the chief spokesman, Golden Dawn. A prosecutor issued a warrant for Mr. Kasidiaris’s arrest on charges of attempting to inflict bodily harm.

The assault dominated Greek news sites and blogs. Though most commentators played down its possible impact on the outcome of elections on June 17, they agreed that Greece’s international image would suffer.


via The New York Times.


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