Fascism seeps into Greek politics / Ο φασισμός διεισδύει στην ελληνική πολιτική

Political upheaval and instability in the country are likely to sweep a number of prominent neo-Nazis and anti-Semites into government.

By Sabby Mionis | May.20, 2012

As disturbing as it was to watch Greece’s neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, receive 7% of the vote in the country’s recent elections, the infiltration by neo-Nazis of the traditional center-right party, New Democracy, is even more worrying.

The majority of Greeks who voted for the Golden Dawn in the last elections did not really understand what they were voting for. They were expressing their anger at an incapable political system and their fears for the future. Now that the media has finally focused on Golden Dawn, and the public had a taste of their ideas and behavior, the party is likely to receive significantly fewer votes in the repeat elections on June 17th.

Greeks are not neo-Nazis, and the majority of Greeks are offended and disgusted by the 21 Parliament members who were elected.

The real danger of the infiltration of fascism into the political system unfortunately comes from the leader of the traditionally center-right wing party of New Democracy, Antonis Samaras. Samaras is rapidly changing the face of his once-liberal party by recruiting a number of neo-Nazis and anti-Semites from the fading extreme right-wing LAOS party of George Karatzaferis. […]

via haaretz.com


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