‘Black metal’ musician elected to Greek Parliament with anti-immigrant political party

Giorgos Germenis was one of 21 members of the Golden Dawn party, often associated with neo-Nazis and fascism, elected to the Greek Parliament. He’s a member of a black metal band — a type of music associated with dark, violent themes and satanism. He’s not your typical politician. The election to parliament of a bass player from the Greek Black Metal band Naer Mataron has the Greek media scrambling to find connections between facism and heavy metal. Chaos, as Greeks like to say, is a Greek word. And Greeks might agree that the election of a Black Metal musician to a country’s legislature does not bode well for political stability. This is the band that everyone in Greece is talking about these days. Giorgos Germenis will represent the Golden Dawn political part and the Greater Athens district in parliament. He’s known by the stage name “Kaiadas.” That’s the chasm in ancient Sparta where children were thrown to their deaths after being judged unfit to meet the rigors of Spartan life. Golden Dawn isn’t exactly what you’d call a mainstream political party. Academics say it has neo-Nazi and facist leanings, though the party rejects those labels. The party has promised to get all immigrants out of the country, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail and has contemplated mining the country’s border with Turkey. In the current election, it won 7 percent of the vote, enough to claim seats in parliament for the first time — 21 of them.

via pri.org: ‘Black metal’ musician elected to Greek Parliament with anti-immigrant political party

[via dokmz.wordpress.com]


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